Five ‘Must Make’ Crochet Patterns: Home Edition

Hey everyone, welcome back to my second week of Must Make Monday, Home Edition! This week i’m going to be sharing five gorgeous home decor crochet patterns from five insanely talented makers. Honestly when I started crocheting I never knew people crocheted home decor, I always knew of dish clothes, coasters, and doilies, but for some reason it never crossed my mind that people would crochet things to decorate with! I very quickly learned that home decor is a huge category of crochet, so here are five of my favorite home decor patterns!

#1. Ruffle Pillow by Taylor Lynn Crochet

This pillow is the perfect accent to add to your couch, bedroom, or frankly any part of your house! Just by using different colors of yarn you could easily make this pillow bright and girly for a girls bedroom, or classic and modern for a living room, whatever your style I don’t think you can go wrong with ruffles! Click HERE to go to the free pattern!

#2. Blue Coast Basket by Sweet Softies

The blue coast basket is so versatile and beautiful, which is the best of both worlds if you ask me. The color combos are endless so it can match any room you put it in, it can also be used in so many different ways, bathroom storage, toy storage, and as a mom of two girls you can never have enough bow storage! Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

#3. Succulent Hanging Baskets by Sweet As February

Ok, so if you’re new to my blog you probably don’t know that I have two girls under two years old, which means the number one rule is you don’t leave anything within their reach! Which includes plants, this pattern is the perfect thing to keep your little ones from knocking over and potentially killing your plants! Plus they are so cute and would add the perfect touch to any window, or room! Click HERE for the free pattern.

#4. The Crafty Boho Wall Hanger by A Crafty Concept

This pattern is the first wall hanger I’ve ever crocheted, and honestly I want to make one in every color but I don’t think I have the wall space! Not only is this pattern gorgeous but it’s super easy to follow and the modifications you can make are endless, this wall hanger is the perfect touch to any room! Click HERE for the free pattern.

#5. Textured Rug by Cream Of The Crop Crochet

This is definitely a bigger project, but the outcome is so worth it! I can never have enough rugs in my house, if you have bad knees or a bad back that extra bit of cushion at the kitchen sink, or stove, or in front of your vanity is a must! Plus it helps that it’s gorgeous! Click HERE for the free pattern.

Thank you so much for reading another Must Make Monday, I love sharing other makers patterns and giving you guys ideas for you’re next project. If you loved all of these patterns and ended up redecorating be sure to tag me as well as all the designers on Social Media, all links to the makers Instagram’s, and patterns will be listed below including mine!

XOX Lacey


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