Five ‘Must Make’ Crochet Patterns: Summer Top Edition.

With summer starting I figured it was only right to focus this ‘must make Monday’ on summer tops! If anyone knows me they know i’m actually not a huge fan of summer, I don’t like the hot weather I rather just hide inside! I would be totally fine with 15 degree weather (or colder) all year long. But as you can imagine, as someone who dislikes warm weather I am constantly looking for ways to stay cool, so the perfect summer tops are a must! This summer top edition is right in time to mention the release of my new pattern The Serra Tee which you can check out on my last post! Without further ado here are five must make summer tops.

#1. The Easy Breezy Cardigan by Maria’s Blue Crayon.

An essential to living in the mountains is a good light cardigan, it’s usually pretty windy but still super hot, so somehow you’re both overheating and freezing cold! This cardigan would be perfect for the confusing, unpredictable Canadian weather. Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

#2. Cross-back Crochet Top by Evelyn Peter.

So I have two girls under two years old, as you can imagine my tummy area doesn’t look quite the same as it did 3 years ago! This top is perfect for keeping cool but also hiding the mom pouch! Plus it looks beautiful and effortless, which is quite the opposite of how I feel during summer. Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

#3. Dreamsicle Tee by Sigoni Macaroni.

There are so many things I love about this tee, first off i’m all about eyelets, short sleeves and a play on words! How can you not make this a staple in your summer wardrobe, it’s like a basic tee taken up a notch! Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

#4. Audrey Crochet Dress by For The Frills.

I was instantly blown away when I saw this dress, I need to make it and that’s saying something because I own two dresses, one that still has the tags on it and my wedding dress! Now I just need to figure out how to make it in 6 month and 2T and i’m thinking family pictures? Yes! Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

#5. Boho Tank Top by Hooked on Homemade Happiness.

This top gives me all the festival feelings! Whats better then a classic granny square made into something so funky?… this top that’s what! This top is totally out of my comfort zone but I feel like it would be soo worth it! Click HERE to go to the free pattern.

I hope you all enjoy these summer tops as much as I do! Make sure to give all these lovely makers a follow, i’ll link all the accounts below as well as mine!