Five ‘Must Make’ Crochet Patterns: Triangle Scarf Edition

Welcome back to another must make Monday! I feel like the weeks are flying by, but I’m not complaining because that means we are just getting closer to fall! Which means colder weather, which means it will be scarf season!! Triangle scarves are my favorite accessory but to me they are the most intimidating thing to make, I have yet to even attempt to design one but that doesn’t mean I love them any less! So here we go, here are my top five favorite or must make triangle scarves!

#1. The Destress Shawl by White Owl Crochet Co.

So I normally try and only feature free crochet patterns, but this shawl is just too gorgeous not to feature! Plus Mollie is a fellow Canadian which makes this double amazing! The simplicity of this shawl is what got me, I have really only followed a couple patterns before, but I just bought this pattern and I fully intend to make it! Mollie started the destress shawl as a mindless project to do exactly what the name suggests and it turned into something so beautiful! Get the Pattern HERE.

#2. The Heartland Boho Crochet Wrap by All About Ami.

Number two is another fellow Canadian coming at us with the Heartland Boho Crochet Wrap! This wrap instantly caught my eye with the picot edging, my last pattern the Serra Tee also has a picot edging and my pattern coming up might also… So as you can probably guess that is my favorite part of this wrap! The heartland boho wrap is the best of both worlds, add some fringe and its perfectly boho or go without and it becomes such a simple feminine piece! Get the free pattern HERE.

#3. The Fireside Wrap by Two of Wands.

I was recently gifted this wrap in a maker swap I did, and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect fall and winter triangle scarf, it’s made with Lion Brands Color Made Easy so it’s super bulky and super warm! It also has the most beautiful details, plus tassels which are perfect on any triangle scarf! Alexi from two of wands also released The Hearthstone wrap which has a similar style but it is knit so anyone can make her patterns! Get the free pattern HERE.

#4. The Boho Triangle Scarf by Sun Sand Stitch.

This is the perfect triangle scarf to customize with different colors! It’s simple and perfect for transitioning from winter into spring and even to be worn during spring. I am actually hosting a giveaway on my instagram and this pattern is part of it, so head over there to enter! Another huge plus is it is totally beginner friendly, so if you are intimidated by triangle scarfs like I am this is a perfect starting point! Get the free pattern HERE.

#5. The Huckleberry Scarf by Meghan Makes Do

If you love over sized scarves this is the one for you! This is one of my many Wips I have on the go at the moment, and I’m loving it so far! This was actually a crochet along that Meghan was doing, of course I missed it, but better late then never! I’ve seen this scarf done in so many beautiful solid colors, but it would probably look amazing color blocked as well! Get the free pattern HERE.

Now is the perfect time to start prepping for fall and winter markets, so take these five must make triangle scarf patterns and get at it!! Also make sure you tag all the makers above in your finished products and also tag me and let me know that this blog post inspired it! Thank you so much for reading this weeks must make Monday!