Five ‘Must Make’ Crochet Patterns:Unexpected Edition.

Every time I think makers have come up with everything possible to crochet i’m always surprised with different patterns. Some people may think these are obvious makes but, I figured I would focus this must make Monday on patterns that surprised me, impressed me or made me say “how didn’t I think of that”. So here is my must make Monday: Unexpected Edition.

#1. The Thick And Quick Duster Cover by Left in Knots.

I never would have thought to crochet something specifically for dusting, I never really thought of crochet and cleaning going hand in hand. Which is funny because I make dishtowels – insert facepalm here – but nonetheless it is such a creative and smart and eco friendly idea and I will definitely be making some! Get the free pattern HERE.

#2. Baby Bottle Brush by Heart Hook Home.

I can’t even count how many bottle cleaner I have gone through, and I hate it because I hate disposable plastic, but they just get so gross after a while or they break. This totally fixes that problem because you can literally just throw this in the washing machine! Pure genius! Get the free pattern HERE.

#3. Crochet Wall Organizer by A Crochet Therapy.

Not only is this wall organizer genius but it also serves as decor! Which is the best of both worlds! It’s also perfect if you have small children and don’t want them to get into everything, like they would with baskets! Get the free pattern HERE.

#4. Mad Hatters Little Hat Hair Clip by Krawka Crochet.

This hair clip was just to cute and unique not to share! I’ve seen regular crocheted hair clips before but nothing like this, it would be perfect for a themed party or Halloween, especially for a a baby mad hatter! Get the free pattern HERE.

#5. Toy Mouse For Cats by Daisy and Storm.

A friend of mine on Instagram was talking about crocheted cat toys and I again was surprised to find out that’s a thing! They’re so adorable and cheap to make, especially for something that is most likely just going to be town apart! Get the free pattern HERE.

Thanks for reading another week of must make crochet patterns. I hope you guys were just as surprised or interested in all the different, unexpected crochet patterns as I was! It always blows me away with how creative everyone is. As always make sure you give all these wonderful makers a follow and tag them and me in your finished projects!






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